Xi’an SINO Chang An Li

The most prosperous period in history is the Han and Tang Dynasties; the silk road began in Chang’an. The project is located in Lianhu District of Xi’an, where vitality is restored to the city center. In Chuang Gong Fang, a unique spiritual place where the Ming Tang PI Yong and modern steel civilization blend, after analyzing the integrity and historical value of the existing factory buildings, the cultural relics are endowed with a new look with the protection and utilization and innovative design methods, and the “memory coordinates” of the site history are formed. Design for the future, through the presupposition of the future cultural needs, to retain the building is endowed with modern cultural functions, and fully consider. With the unique regional cultural area, we can activate the cultural power and create the soul of the city.



Design team:

Liangjun Zhou, Ting Zhou, Jingzhi Du, Jiali Liu, Jianfang Wan, Jinsheng Zhang, Ziyi Li, Qiuyu Zhang, Caoqi Guo, Jinsha Wang