Shijiazhuang Sunac City

In the spring of 2019, We visited the site for the first time, which is located in the service area of the equipment base in the south of Shijiazhuang. The site was surrounded by a vast wheat fields where you can feel the power of natural open space; There is no messy skyline lined with high-rise buildings in the city, only the vast horizons where the sky meets the earth with blue sky and green land. Yuxiang Street on the west side, breaks the quietness of the wheat field from the visual and auditory sense, and mind you here is still close to the city. Along the Yuxiang Street, when we came to the nearby industrial base of the equipment base, it was another scene. It was so strong and so industrial with large geometrical workshops and huge large steel frames.Therefore, nature and strength are the temperament conveyed by this site, which has become the starting point of our thinking, and it has always run through the entire design.
No matter how beautiful and special the design is, it is the physical appearance of the design. We are more inclined to see the site as a whole, let the natural elements present a real texture, so that people can sense the vitality of the landscape and get involved in it. Shijiazhuang Sunac City is a brand new attempt for the landscape of the demonstration area. The design is not expensive, not with lots of rich materials and highlights; Our ideal design is a whole and powerful blocky look, presents a more quality style, and can also express the precision and identification of construction technology in detail.



Design team:

Liangjun Zhou, Ting Zhou, Jinsheng Zhang, Liping Chen, Zijian Wang, Ziyi Li, Yuxi Chen, Jinsha Wang, Yueheng Liu


Shijiazhuang, Hebei