Shijiazhuang Sunac Center

Z’scape in collaborate with with GOA, the architect of Mushou Xixi Hotel, aiming to build a southern artwork with a concise and peaceful style in the northern city.The landscape design technique is a simple and powerful spatial separation. The juxtaposition of linear walls, corridors, paving, and an array of forests allow bounded areas to have infinite spatial experience through mirrors and water reflections. Through the contrast and association of materials and shapes and the slight intervention of linear elements in the installation art, the site is full of memory. While depicting the artistic and boutique hotel style, the design also allows the families who come to visit to have unlimited fun.


Shijiazhuang Sunac

Design team:

Zhou Liangjun, Zhou Ting, Du Jingzhi, Chen Liping, Hou Weiguang, Lu Cen, Han Pei, Gao Zhonglin, Liu Jiaqi, Zhang Qiuyu, Sun Chang


Shijiazhuang, Hebei