Longhu Financial Island City Exhibition Hall

Sometimes “what not to do” is more important than “what to do”. At the beginning of the project, the team discussed the landscape design direction, but designers always try to show off, and quickly lead the design to the dead end. A variety of rich forms, complex interactions, and colorful colors is too much for this small site of only 5,000 m². Therefore, the final conclusion is ” what not to do “, but “what to do”.
The landscape uses a built-in design approach that incorporates contemporary aesthetics and oriental aesthetics after understanding and solving functions. The architectural vocabulary flows through the landscape, and the landscape extracts the elements of the building’s fold line. The symbiotic contradiction between the building and the landscape is reorganized to create a temperament that is both contrasted and integrated with each other: exaggeration and low-key, brilliant and simple, high and low, Straight and curved, black and white, hard and soft, bright and dark, the final landscape is not subsidiary to architecture, but its carrier.


Zhengzhou Financial Island

Design team:

Liangjun Zhou, Ting Zhou,Yueheng Liu, Jingzhi Du, Ziyi Li, Yuxi Chen, Bin Chen


Zhengzhou, Henan