ARANYA Sanya Sales Center

The project aims to change people’s old impression on Sanya and creates a tranquil and peaceful Wabi-sabi space. Desert plants, simple space structure and elegant materials are employed in addition to the aesthetics of art and ideal, shaping the unique atmosphere of ARANYA. The landscape design is simple and elegant with graceful forms, pure colors, plain texture and well-proportioned plants. With elegant space, light and shadow as well as structural expression, Z’scape is dedicated to carrying forward the spirit of design and establishing the dialogue between human and nature.



Design team:

Zhou Liangjun, Zhou Ting, Zhang Jinsheng, Du Jingzhi, Yang Zhenhua, Chen Liping, Han Pei, Liu Yueheng, Chen Yuxi, Yu Hao, Wang Zijian, Lv Ceng, Li Ziyi


Sanya, Hainan