Aranya Headquarters in Beijing

Suspend the conventional thinking of how to carry out the landscape design for the headquarters in the city, think about the way of Aranya: the beautiful seaside church and the peaceful Anlan hotel… The beauty that Aranya gives is simple and warm. We also expect to repeat this perception in the city of corporate headquarters landscape.
Simplicity is the purest language of the Concrete. We abandon the complexity and decoration to express Aranya’s aesthetic pursuit of simple beauty. The long and short steps are along the grass slope, as if growing freely from the ground. Furniture, planting utensils and green plants also can break with the surrounding rules and the office outdoor environment, adding more natural elements. The sun shines on the concrete steps of the piano keys, and the grainy texture surface is rough but warm.



Design team:

Liangjun Zhou, Ting Zhou, Jinsheng Zhang, Pei Han, Yuxi Chen, Zhaoxi Tian