Senior Landscape Architect 

· More than 5 years of experience in landscape design (including at least 2 years of experience in independently completing landscape plan design), good at all stages of cultural tourism, real estate, urban renewal and public space, including plan design to construction drawing design Knowledge and experience;
· Have strong design plan logical thinking ability, derive innovative design and implementation details in the model, and have a modern and concise expression style; be able to independently complete ordinary difficulty and type of landscape design projects;
· Need to have a strong enthusiasm for design, dare to challenge when encountering problems caused by innovative design, new materials and new processes, and face difficulties;

· Have good experience in communicating with Party A, and have certain project management experience; at the same time, they can encourage and help colleagues to improve their professionalism and progress;

· Those who have graduated from key colleges and universities, study abroad and work in well-known design firms at home and abroad are preferred.