Associate Landscape Architect

· More than 8 years of landscape design experience, including more than 3 years of experience in leading the design team. Responsible for and completed cultural tourism, real estate, urban renewal and public space projects, and has good design management and mature experience in all stages of project design;

· Support and strengthen the company’s vision, goals and values. The design plan has excellent thinking and design ability, broad vision, strong aesthetic ability and innovative ability. Have the ability to adapt to changes and continuous learning in a very creative work environment;

· Have excellent team leadership skills, and operate 2-3 projects at the same time, can listen to opinions and promote effective collaboration between teams, motivate and drive team growth. Ability to independently report on staged design achievements to clients, and reflect integrity and professional professional quality in meetings and communication with clients, professional consultants, and teams;

· Those with overseas study and work background, those with excellent working backgrounds from well-known schools at home and abroad and well-known design firms are preferred for admission.