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· More than 8 years of landscape design experience, including more than 3 years of experience in leading the design team. Responsible for and completed cultural tourism, real estate, urban renewal and public space projects, and has good design management and mature experience in all stages of project design;

· Support and strengthen the company’s vision, goals and values. The design plan has excellent thinking and design ability, broad vision, strong aesthetic ability and innovative ability. Have the ability to adapt to changes and continuous learning in a very creative work environment;

· Have excellent team leadership skills, and operate 2-3 projects at the same time, can listen to opinions and promote effective collaboration between teams, motivate and drive team growth. Ability to independently report on staged design achievements to clients, and reflect integrity and professional professional quality in meetings and communication with clients, professional consultants, and teams;

· Those with overseas study and work background, those with excellent working backgrounds from well-known schools at home and abroad and well-known design firms are preferred for admission.

· More than 5 years of experience in landscape design (including at least 2 years of experience in independently completing landscape plan design), good at all stages of cultural tourism, real estate, urban renewal and public space, including plan design to construction drawing design Knowledge and experience;
· Have strong design plan logical thinking ability, derive innovative design and implementation details in the model, and have a modern and concise expression style; be able to independently complete ordinary difficulty and type of landscape design projects;
· Need to have a strong enthusiasm for design, dare to challenge when encountering problems caused by innovative design, new materials and new processes, and face difficulties;

· Have good experience in communicating with Party A, and have certain project management experience; at the same time, they can encourage and help colleagues to improve their professionalism and progress;

· 2-4 years of landscape design work experience; have independent experience in completing local design and drawing performance for cultural tourism, real estate, urban renewal and public space projects. Emphasis on modern style, also have a certain degree of understanding of later drawing work;

· Proficient in CAD, Adobe Creative Suite (AI, PS, ID), Rhino, SketchUp, Lumion and other software;

· Have greater interest in design, have a sense of innovation and good aesthetics, and flexibly deal with problems in design; be able to discover and develop unique design language and characteristics of different projects

· Possess good communication skills and teamwork spirit, take the initiative to learn, adopt opinions and be practical and enterprising;

· Those with major university graduates, overseas studies and working backgrounds of well-known design firms at home and abroad are preferred.

· 2-5 years of experience in landscape expansion or construction drawing design, with professional knowledge from landscape expansion design to construction drawing design; independent completion of detailed design work such as paving, sketches, and partial general drawing design · Familiar with Chinese national standards, especially construction technology, materials, and cost analysis; continue to pay attention to and learn the application of new technologies and materials for a long time; be able to have their own expertise in materials, processes, details, planting and other fields; · Have teamwork spirit, meticulous and responsible, and have the ability to communicate closely with the plan designer; have the degree of cooperation to ensure the quality of the project in the later stage; · Familiar with CAD, Tianzheng and other software.
· Year 3 or above, majoring in landscape, planning, urban design, environmental art, etc ;
· I love design and can actively assist designers in their work. Have strong learning ability and desire to learn;
· Familiar with the use of CAD. SketchUp. Adobe Creative Suite (AI, PS, ID). Lumion. Rhino and other software;
· Can guarantee at least three consecutive months of internship.

· 3 to 5 years of rich plant knowledge, strong plant landscaping ability, familiarity with northern and southern garden plants and some native local plants; have experience in the landing of cultural tourism hotels or real estate projects; passion for plant design, He has a team spirit, a sense of responsibility, communication skills and strong ability to continue learning.

· Responsible for project design, planting construction drawing.

· Seedling selection, cooperate with the person in charge in the later stage to conduct on-site planting construction guidance (not on site).

· Responsible for the summary of the Zhishe project style type planting and planting methods and the finishing of the seedling stocking gallery.

· Continue to collect and update excellent case records and supplier information.